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DIY Mom for the Holidays is a place where I post round-ups and original DIY Projects and Recipes designed for busy moms with an emphasis on celebrating the Holidays. While I embrace all kinds of DIY Ideas, I like to focus on EASY and CHEAP because I have 3 kids and life is expensive and busy for me.

I am an artist with a military engineering background, so I love to concoct my own decor, crafts and recipes; however, I also blog on several other blogs with aspirations for Indie-Publishing, so for timing sake, I also post a lot of round-ups.

My name is Michelle Grewe, and I'm an artist, writer, and coloring book illustrator. I have been published in several mom anthologies and websites, and my first coloring and activity book, From Dust to Essence, mixes the therapy of adult coloring with psychology based worksheets and journal prompts all designed to help you heal, strengthen the spirit, and define your identity. I aim to provide books that you do. Upcoming books will include more coloring books and DIY books as well as Bohemian Christian reading material you might find on my main blog michellegrewe.com.

My goal is to give you the following types of DIY and Recipes:
  • Cheap 
  • Easy 
  • Fail-Proof 
  • Fun 
  • Useful 
  • Classy and Tasteful 
I also want to help you celebrate major holidays with your family. Your kids will grow up to remember the traditions and ambience of certain holidays you focused on, a legacy they will most apt give their children. The special recipes, crafts and décor are perfect opportunities to set the stage of nostalgic feelings and provide memories of quality time with family.

Cookies, snowmen, Santas, and angels lead up to the excitement of Christmas morning with a cozy, fuzzy feel of fireplaces, hot cocoa and that feeling you get when you give a gift. Spring flowers, crosses and pastel eggs lead up to the excitement of baskets, bunnies and resurrection. Success is often attributed to making goals, something New Year's provides with a hope for good luck and fortune. Summer just isn't summer without the red, white and blue and BBQ's with visions of watermelon, back-yard hoses, and muddy shorts.

Did you just get a series of feelings for each major Holiday? This is why the crafting, décor and recipes are important for celebration.

My favorite Holiday is Valentine's Day, despite it being cursed with an annual disappointment, because I love love.

While I hate feeding into the perfect mom gender role, I do think crafting is important to moms especially because it's therapeutic, it CAN save you money if done right, and the projects for your kids help expand their creative, diversive thinking skills which is healthy for positive cognitive development. Kids need a place to break the rules, color outside of the lines, and be creative in order to establish the type of critical thinking skills that solve problems and rise above average.

Recipes are also important to motherhood because the family does, despite our best efforts, have to eat once in a while. Healthy eating is a thing because we all want to provide our kids what is best for them and establish a taste for healthy lifestyles to improve their future quality of life. But also, a lot of us are living off a budget. Let's face it. Healthy eating and budget meals are not easy to find in today's world.

I hope you find my DIY projects and recipes to be as fun and exciting as the Holidays we celebrate. May you have a positive and productive day.

Michelle Grewe

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