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5 DIY Easter Crafts

Happy Easter.

Here are some DIY crafty ideas for Easter Break and things to make the kids for school. 
DIY Easter Ideas | DIY Grab Bag Gifts | DIY Party Favors

Dr. Up Pencils

In school, for whatever reason, kids tend to use pencils and pens a lot. Pens usually doesn't happen until an older grade, but with 3 kids in elementary school, I can vouch that the right pen or pencil can trend in the classroom.

Pencils seem to be the top party favor due to it's inexpensive nature. Doctor up some "drab" pencils with some crafting elements.

DIY Easter Ideas | DIY Grab Bag Gifts | DIY Party Favors

In the picture above, I used a glue gun and glue eye balls to the little puff balls and then glued them to the tip of the pencil.

DIY Easter Ideas | DIY Grab Bag Gifts | DIY Party Favors
Here, using a glue gun, I glued little roses to the tip of the pencil.

I was thinking a good idea might be to glue these roses to thumb tacks to put in erasers to carry from pencil to pencil, and if your kids' classroom maturity could handle such things, it's not a bad idea.

Dr. Up Pens

Now for pens, I have a little more room to get creative. Pencils, you have to keep the pain on it so that you can sharpen it, but pens, you can dress them up in almost anything.

DIY Easter Ideas | DIY Grab Bag Gifts | DIY Party Favors | Butterfly

In the picture above, I bought a pack of cheap gel pens with the lids. I liked the idea of a black (or matching) soft part to give me a great line to end with (as opposed to going down directly to the pen itself).

Then I took washi tape and taped vertically from the rubber edge to the top. Don't worry if any hangs on the top. Then I repeated until the pen was covered. In other attempts, I've used decorative duct tape as well, but if you want glitter, the washi tape sticks better to itself.

Then I found a flower bunch at Walmart that had butterflies and little flowers. You can use any silk flower bunch and mix and match colors with tape. I cut the flower off the stem. Now at the bottom of the flower, where it attaches to the stem, there's a little tip there like a nipple. I cut that to about 1/4 of an inch or straight flat depending on where I'm gluing it.  In the picture above, I left a little bit since I was stacking flowers.

Then I kind of arranged the pieces of flowers on the top of the pen to get an idea of exactly what I'm putting on there and where. Then, using a glue gun, I glued the flower pieces. I finished it off with the butterflies.

Flower Hair Clips

I decided to make Easter Sunday a picture day for the kids. The school takes awful pictures of each kid individually, and I'd rather have one picture of all 3 of my kids to give to inlaws and my mother. So Easter Day is our picture day.
With that said, I wanted something pretty for their hair. 

DIY Easter Ideas | DIY Grab Bag Gifts | DIY Party Favors | Flower Hair Clip

Using a glue gun, I glued the flowers to a hair clip. I found the hair clips at Walmart in the sewing section. BUT the problem is the glue doesn't stick to the clip well, so make sure you glue under the clip too and across like a thread of string.

Found on the Internets

Sheep Decoration

This would look really nice placed over a light (like electric tea candles). Maybe cut it out on card stock.

DIY Easter Ideas | DIY Grab Bag Gifts | DIY Party Favors | Sheep

Ideas for Left-over peeps

You may have some leftover Peeps. Turn them into Rice Crispie Treats...

You basically replace marshmallows with peeps on the recipe, or add a little butter to the Rice Crispies and Peeps. In this recipe, Michelle mashes them all together for a Spring Time Rainbow of Pastel, but you can separate them by color if you wish. For the full how-to, check out Baking in the Burg

You can also make Smores with them.


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