Saturday, November 5, 2016

DIY Shabby Chic Vintage Pumpkins

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DIY Shabby Chic Vintage Large Pumpkin

1. Look for a pumpkin that is tall and slender, like a vase. Think about the stem length you want to use.  

2. Carve around the top of the pumpkin around the outer edge of the pumpkin. Let it curve inward slightly. Think flower vase top.

3. Gut pumpkin.

4. Spray paint the pumpkin white and let dry.

5. Take a sturdy brush like a stencil brush, and dry paint some brown acrylics in the crevices. By dry paint, you take a dry brush and dip it into the paint. Then you wipe the brush on the palette until you have very little paint on it. Then you lightly brush over the area, adding pressure as you find what you are looking for. Keep going until no paint brushes on it. You can blend it a little bit by continuing to brush an area (like blending makeup) and/or by wiping main areas with your finger or hand while still wet. 

6. Add a little water into the pumpkin.

7. Add fresh flowers or fake flowers in pink and white.

8. In this one, I added fresh flowers, but I didn't like the gap between the bottom of the flowers and the tip of the pumpkin. So what I did was take some fake flowers, pulled the flower from the top of the stem, and shoved it in between the stems down into the pumpkin. 

9. This lasted about 2 days inside the house before the flowers started to look wilted. Outside in the crisp fall air of West Virginia with an average temperature of 70 degrees, they have lasted over a week before wilting. 

DIY Shabby Chic Vintage Small Pumpkin

1. I spray painted it white and dry brushed some brown for a distressed look like mentioned above. 

2. I took white silk roses and pulled them off the stem.

3. With a Philips screwdriver (I think it would work better than a flat head), I poked a little hole going in as far as making the x. 

4. Then I jammed the flower into that hole. 

5, Then I added a string of fake pearls. You could also add a lace bow using staples. 

Note: If you are curious, super glue does NOT work on pumpkins.

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DIY | Vintage | Shabby | Chic | Decor | Thanksgiving | Halloween | Autumn Decor | Pumpkins


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